Bennett Motor Express Core Values

The Principles that Guide our Operations 

For an Owner Operator, it’s important to know that the company you lease to adheres to strong principles that will guide employees in their everyday business with you.  Bennett Motor Express’s core values and those of our parent company, Bennett International Group, form the foundation on which we live and work everyday.  Regardless of how we large we become, we will continue to preserve and practice the values that have shaped our corporate culture for more than 40 years.



Acting within our safety culture, Bennett companies are committed to making Safety Priority One, where safe practices, security, environment and awareness shape our behavior every day.


We are committed to doing what is ethically correct and to being honest with ourselves and with others at all times.


We value one another’s time, perspectives and differences, and demonstrate respect by being approachable, responsive and supportive of each other.

Quality Service

We listen and respond to the desires of our customers and we are committed to the Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) of our processes and systems.

Spiritual Commitment

Bennett is founded on and operates with the belief that our blessings come from God, and we give thanks for receiving and sharing them.

Family Culture

We are committed to an inclusive, compassionate, enjoyable, and healthy working environment, where we honor our extended family relationships, and our civic and social responsibility.

Learning & Development

We are committed to personal and professional development, and to driving out and overcoming fear that destroys innovation and creativity.


We honor and value the differences in people, thoughts, principles and business endeavors.


We are committed to continuously growing the loyalty of our family, customers and culture.


We empower our people to take ownership for their actions and not be fearful of the outcomes.


We love and support our country, pledge our allegiance, and honor the service and sacrifice of our military service members who defend our country and protect our freedom.

Financial Strength

We ensure financial strength, for the benefit of our employees, customers, community, and business partners.