Regional Trucking Jobs

Making your domicile work for you

Not every owner operator chooses to make a living the same way. For some, over-the-road nationwide is your ticket to success. For others, running in a region near to their home or in a profitable lane close to home meets their needs. Bennett Motor Express has consistent needs for truckers who wish to drive regionally. Large projects with major national customers often dictate that we need regional trucks for short, medium- and long haul routes.

These routes include locations like:

  • Houston, TX
  • Carbon Cliff, IL
  • Augusta, GA
  • McDonough, GA
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • Rancho Dominguez, CA

We also develop dedicated routes to service a particular lane for a customer anywhere in the U.S. The best way to get connected to a regional opportunity is to check our current openings, or contact a recruiter to find out what regional opportunities we have available today.

Ace Doran, a Division of Bennett Motor Express

Bennett Motor Express traditionally has had strength in the southern third of the United States from east to west. When the company acquired Ace Doran Hauling & Rigging in 2013, drivers immediately gained the opportunity to join the Bennett Family to drive parts of the upper midwest from Cincinnati, OH, and Kentucky through rust belt areas of Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh. While Bennett and Ace are both national carriers, the types of regional freight and routes available can differ. Contact a recruiter today to find out if Ace Doran has opportunities more suited to your needs.