Safety is Priority One

It’s Our Responsibility and Our Commitment

Without compromise, safety and compliance take top priority at Bennett. That’s why we honor our responsibility and commitment to the motoring public, our employees and our partners every day by ensuring that we are constantly taking action to help us live, work and operate with the lowest risk of injury or harm.

We also strive to operate in the most compliant manner as possible, meeting or exceeding the most current rules, updated regulations and latest standards by the appropriate governing bodies.

Our commitment is simple and clear: to be the safest and most responsible carrier and to reflect our safety culture with every action. Because at Bennett, safety and compliance is Priority One. 

Regular Safety Meetings

Bennett facilitates monthly, all-company, safety conference calls to provide the latest updates on our safety culture, government regulations and to share best practices. Our more formal safety meeting program provides in-person and online opportunities for contractors to get safety refresher training that counts toward their available safety incentive bonus. 

Safety Road Team Program

Our Safety Road Team program is a company outreach led by a small group of professional truck drivers who share superior driving skills, remarkable safety records and a strong desire to spread the word about safety and compliance on the highway.

Bennett / Ace Doran Safety Road Team Captains watch the on the road performance of their fellow owner operators and drivers. They observe the condition off equipment being used in delivery or pickup of customer shipments and encourage their fellow drivers to immediately repair any visual defects before getting on the highway. Captains encourage other members of the fleet to become Safety Road Team Ambassadors to continue to spread the safety message across the fleet. We take pride in safety!