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Your big questions about driving for Bennett Motor Express

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While Bennett runs in all 48 states and cross-border into Mexico and Canada, 80% of our freight is in the southern states and the midwest.

At Bennett, we know that getting home to be with your family is as important as making a living. We offer the freight, lanes, and tools you need to get home as often as your business and personal needs demand. For drivers wanting a traditional over the road coast-to-coast lifestyle, you can use our load board and “take me home” technology features to plan your way back when you need it. For drivers looking to be home nightly or on weekends, ask our recruiters about regional and local opportunities that keep you closer to home base. With no forced dispatch you have the freedom to make home time a priority.

No. Bennett does not offer a truck lease-to-purchase program at this time. The market conditions and rates are not favorable to offering a rig that could be profitable to the driver. We continually examine market conditions and consider future lease-purchase programs.

Yes, Bennett Motor Express does maintain a fleet of company trailers. Their availability is based on location, please check with recruiting for current availability. Using our trailer you will incur a 10% rental fee versus using your own. There are many contractors that start by using our equipment and then move to their own after a year or two to gain extra profit for their business.

Yes. Bennett requires trucks to be ELD compatible. If you do not currently run ELDs, one will be installed by Bennett’s Technology Group and our favorably priced OverDrive Connect suite of tools offered at your expense.

No. Not all Bennett loads require tarps, nor do we require owner operators to have tarps. However, having a complete set of tarps does give you more flexibility to haul more diverse freight within our system, leading to more opportunities to run a profitable business.

No. Not all Bennett customer pickup and delivery sites require TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) cards. However, having the card will make more freight possibilities available for you since many ports and military installations do require drivers to carry the card.

Yes. Your truck is your domain after all. Keep in mind that if you choose to haul government freight, you will not be allowed onto military bases or government facilities with your furry, slimy, scaly, hairy, or feathery friend.

Yes. Many drivers do choose to bring someone along with them. Bennett’s policies allow for no more than one additional passenger who must be 12+ years old. This option is available by purchasing a $20 / riders insurance policy.

Orientation is scheduled for 2 1/2 to 3 days depending on your paperwork and situation. Owner operators can shorten this timeframe by getting all paperwork submitted and approved in advance. Please stay in touch with your recruiter and qualifications team throughout the process so that we can get you on the road quickly and safely.

No. Leasing on to a new carrier is a mutual investment of time and money. We invest in quality training materials, orientation sessions and food while you are here with us. We take the time to go through your equipment and qualifications, and provide all of the information that you need to be successful. It is your responsibility to get to one of our orientation centers. In return, we do our best to get you loaded as fast as possible after orientation is complete.

Yes. Bennett has a long track record of bringing on large fleets. Whether you have two or two hundred trucks, our team mobilizes to onboard your drivers and equipment efficiently. We do it all at once so that your team can be productive and happy within their new world of the Bennett Family. Contact recruiting today to find out if your business aligns well with Bennett Motor Express so that we can grow together for success.

Yes. Trucking is a relationship business. Some owner operators have worked for years servicing their customers and wish to continue that relationship while changing the carrier they lease to. Our recruiting and agent development teams work with you to build a mutually agreeable situation to continue to service your customers.

Yes, you can download and print the PDF application, and mail or fax it in to our recruiting department.

Bennett Motor Express Printable Application