Heavy & Specialized Opportunities

Heavy & Specialized Opportunities for Experienced Owner Operators

Bennett’s Heavy Haul and Specialized Division consistently ranks as one of the top specialized carriers in the nation. We are looking for owner operators who currently specialize in this highly profitable and challenging corner of the trucking industry.

Heavy Haul Trailer Configurations Wanted

Bennett has invested heavily in its own fleet of trailers and also welcomes owners who bring their own equipment including:

  • Drop deck and double drop extendables
  • RGNs
  • 9-13 axle configurations
  • Double neck super 13 axle
  • Steerable systems
  • Other specialized configurations

Consistent Oversized/Overweight Freight

Because of Bennett’s safety standards, track record of consistency and deep experience, over dimensional and super loads are available on a consistent basis to drive your business.

Advancement Through Experience

We also offer an “H-Rating” system for our general freight contractors to advance toward Heavy Haul status. H-ratings are based on commodity dimensions with a progressive process to increase rating for larger commodity dimensions.

What's it like to thrive with Bennett?


When you join Bennett, you are not just working for a company, but rather you become a member of the Bennett family.

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Specialized Industry Trucking Jobs

Bennett is known for quality service in industry sectors, we rely on owner operators who bring equipment and expertise in those industries to bolster our fleet. Here are some of the industries where Bennett has highly specialized contractors. 

Aerospace Trucking Jobs

Bennett Motor Express is a longstanding provider of aircraft and space component transportation requiring the specialized skills and equipment to handle these delicate and unique pieces of machinery. Contractors in this sector of our business are relied upon to move:

  • Aircraft engines according to manufacturer securement guidelines
  • Wings, fuselages and landing gear
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Space solid rocket boosters, satellite components in coordination with mission success teams

Government Services Trucking Jobs

Bennett is proud to serve the missions of our US Military, Department of Defense and various emergency disaster recovery agencies. Contractors delivering military freight of all kinds (FAK) develop lasting relationship with Bennett and Ace Doran Freight Agents who service bases around the country. Knowing and understanding the unique protocols of government freight moves sets your trucking business apart from the everyday driver. As you run government freight you can also work toward obtaining security clearance and allow Bennett to help you team with another driver. Becoming a government secured team  gives you the opportunity to transport more lucrative Transportation Protective Services freight.

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Wind Energy Trucking Jobs

Bennett Motor Express and subsidiary Ace Doran Hauling and Rigging are a premier provider of wind tower component transportation across the U.S.  Our drivers have many years of experience on wind farms in both construction and maintenance of wind turbines for the biggest manufacturers. We look for contractors who pull:

  • Schnabel trailers and dollies for tower sections,
  • Blade trailers for wind blade transport
  • Multi-axle trailers with up to 200,000+ lb. capacity for nacelles
  • Double-drop extendable trailers with up to 75,000 lb capacity for generators, hubs and motors

Oilfield Trucking Jobs

Bennett Motor Express has a strong presence in Texas and surrounding states where oil and gas drilling and production operations are the strongest. Experienced oilfield truck operators are often needed to run from our Houston, Texas terminal and our affiliated BOSS Oilfield Service & Supply oil rig moving division.