Driver Wellness Program

Your Body is More Important than Your Truck

Having physically fit and mentally healthy owner operators is a key to our ongoing success. When you become part of the Bennett Family, you are eligible to join our Driver Wellness Program. From preventing disease like diabetes and cancer, to avoiding catastrophes like heart attacks and stroke, we know that the only way you can maintain a profitable business and a strong family is by maintaining your body better than your truck. If that’s not enough motivation, the FMCSA constantly examines its medical requirements to maintain a CDL. We aim to help you easily pass the DOT physical so you can stay on the road.

Vanessa Alexander - Vanessa has lost over 10lbs over the last several weeks. This positive up lifting woman has take the information she has learned from Rolling Strong and applied it to her daily life, crediting God for helping her stay strong. Way to go!

Justin Motes - Justin lost 60lbs since January 1st by using the Fit System, basic dieting, and the encouragement of a Rolling Strong health coach!

Lowell Thompson - Lowell has learned about controlling his blood pressure with the help of his Rolling Strong coach. His blood pressure is steadily declining, under control while living a much healthier lifestyle with the help of his coach.


Rolling Strong Driver Wellness Program

Bennett has partnered with the country’s top professional driver-specific wellness program provider, Rolling Strong to offer our owner operators a comprehensive health and wellness program via discounted settlement deductions. The program focuses on nutrition, fitness and sleep behavior changes that can be achieved while maintaining the challenging demands of trucking.

Some of the program elements include:

  • Biometric screening
  • A dedicated wellness coach who will regularly guide you over the phone through your fitness and nutrition plans
  • Smart phone app to help guide you through your nutrition plan, fitness plan and caloric intake. Stay motivated by logging your achievements to earn points which may be redeemed for a variety of rewards
  • Free 1X per month blood screening, blood pressure checks and pharmacist health consults at participating providers
  • Discounts at gyms and fitness centers
  • Discounts on in-truck fitness equipment that you can use while on the road

Benefits of the program

  • Promoting better cardiovascular health
  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • National Database that guides drivers to the closest fitness center with truck routing and truck parking
  • Driver Preferences are logged to give them options based on their break time (10 hours or 34 hours)
  • Rolling Strong Accessories allow the driver to work out in and around the truck at anytime
  • Online coaching

Bennett’s Wellness Team Support


Our corporate staff continually looks for ways to promote driver wellness.

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