How To Stay Entertained, Connected & Comfortable On the Road

Bennett drivers share their top must-have items for life on the road.


As a driver, the cab of your truck is like a second home. Many drivers have found some creative ways to make those long hours spent on the road more enjoyable. In fact, some drivers attest to a few accessories or necessities they simply can’t go without while traveling. One of the benefits of being an owner operator is the ability to customize your truck to create an enjoyable ride that’s uniquely your own.

We asked Bennett drivers across the nation what some of their favorite must-have items were for the road. Read on to find out how drivers stay entertained and comfortable for even the longest hauls.

Entertainment On The Go

Pandora Radio: Driver Kenneth Roper says he wouldn’t be able to drive without Pandora. This music-streaming service allows listeners to pick a genre, song or artist to create custom radio stations or playlists that queue up similar music selections along the way. Roper’s personal favorite station is Platinum Blonde, a Canadian based new wave band. The Pandora app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

SiriusXM: SiriusXM is by far the most popular choice among Bennett drivers. SiriusXM offers three satellite and online radio subscription services: Sirius Satellite Radio, XM Satellite Radio and SiriusXM Radio. You can enjoy commercial-free music from every genre and easily listen to live play-by-play sports, news, talk shows and more 24/7.

Drivers Jerald Skinner and Carl Lawrence both agree that Old Time Classics radio on Channel 148 is unbeatable. “Us old timers grew up on the radio,” says Lawrence, “so it’s nice to go back and listen to the songs that remind us of our childhood memories.”

SiriusXM delivers for drivers like Skinner who enjoy staying current on the latest news, as well as sports junkies such as Steve Boozer who swears by New England Patriots radio, and Donald Weathers who prefers to switch it up between NASCAR radio and Prime Country. “SiriusXM has gotten me through lots of long nights and early mornings,” says Weathers. With over 175 available channels, SiriusXM has something for everyone.

stay-entertained-connected-on-the-roadSatellite TV: Driver Darren McClure swears by his satellite television. “When you’re driving in a truck all day, you sometimes lose touch with what’s going on in the world,” McClure says. “I like satellite TV because it offers several channels to choose from and provides access to the outside world.”

There are quite a few satellite TV providers to choose from and some have even been created specifically for truckers. Satellite TV is another great way for drivers to stay connected and entertained while on the road.

Comfort is Key

Drivers know there’s nothing worse than being cold. Any accessory that brings overnight comfort for the nights you sleep in your truck is crucial. Driver Robert Wilbur’s new favorite accessory is his Espar Bunk Heater. Bunk heaters allow you to stay warm without running your truck, saving you lots of fuel. “That heater is the best thing that’s ever happened to me” says Wilbur. “I’ve ran the heater at 15 degrees and it keeps me warm. That bunk heater is a game changer.”

Over the course of Jerry Boyd’s almost twenty years with Bennett, he’s learned that comfort is key. His two favorite accessories are his bed and air conditioning; basic yet vital for ultimate comfort.

Interconnected Travel  

Mobile Phones: Before the era of cell phones, it wasn’t uncommon for drivers to go a full day without talking to their families. “I used to have to wait on a telephone booth to call my wife” says driver Darren McClure. “I’d call her on Tuesday night to tell her I was fine, then again on Thursday night. I don’t know what I would do without my phone now.”

Driver James Shaffer agrees, but for a different reason. “My cell phone makes communication with the dispatchers effortless. I rely on it for all methods of communication with the terminal managers, and everything else in between.” Whether it’s to stay connected with loved ones or to make your jobs more seamless, mobile phones have surely become a necessity for most drivers.

Reliable GPS: David Hammond still swears by his GPS after 14 years with Bennett. “I’ve got a Rand McNally GPS, and it’s my survival tool. I’m on round-trip routes, so I rely on it instead of always having to look at my phone for directions.”


Eating Well on the Road

Wacky schedules and irregular meal times make eating on the road a hazard in and among itself which is why many drivers prefer to bring their own food. Amos Miller has been driving with Bennett since 1986 and says his refrigerator is his go-to accessory. “My girlfriend makes meatloaf and pork chops and freezes them for me. I put them in my fridge and eat them while I’m on the road. It cuts back on the number of times I have to stop, and it helps me eat healthier.”

Dow Woolsiher says his microwave is his favorite accessory. “I just had to buy a new one, in fact. My wife always gives me our leftovers to take on the road to heat up,” said Woolhiser. It can be difficult to find healthy snacks on the go, but it’s always a good idea to keep a few travel snacks, such as granola bars, nuts or even dry fruit and cereal for times where you may run into unexpected delays.

There are many ways to ensure a comfortable, entertaining, yet safe trip. Finding the right items and accessories for your truck can make a huge difference in your driving experience and help set you up for success.


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