Better with Bennett: Eight Great Benefits of Leasing Your Fleet with Bennett Motor Express

Fleet management can be a source of pride and accomplishment, but it can also mean long days and nights, endless paperwork and costly operational fees. The good news is, there’s a better way to manage your truck fleet. Bennett Motor Express specializes in helping small truck fleet owners maximize their time and their revenue.

Learn eight ways our range of benefits and services can help you get more time with family and loved ones without sacrificing your ability to increase annual profits or losing the identity of your transport company.

1. Insurance Relief

At Bennett, we are all too familiar with how expensive semi-truck insurance rates can be. We work to get you the best insurance value possible by:

  • Ensuring you have the coverage you need – Stay covered whether you’re under dispatch or not with our primary liability coverage.
  • Providing high-quality service – When you need to file a claim, just contact Bennett directly and we handle the rest
  • Offering legal support – Our legal team helps you dispute ridiculous claims, providing better protection and peace of mind
  • Arranging convenient settlement deductions – Spend less time sending in a separate check each month for deductions
  • Reducing your loss history – Claims filed on your truck or vehicle go against Bennett’s loss history, not yours, allowing you to get lower insurance rates in the future
  • Simplifying complex insurance plans and providing you with the best options

2. We Know What Success Looks like

We understand you have your own success metrics you’d like to meet. Our friendly and supportive team works closely with you to learn more about your personal goals as a business and equips you with the necessary tools to achieve them.

From veteran fleet owners like, Allen Dettmer, to novices like former NBA player, Jarvis Hayes, fleet ownership has paid off in more ways than one.

“It’s easy with Bennett” Dettmer attests. “Your 2290s, insurance and titles – Bennett does all of it for you.” Dettmer has also been able to take advantage of Bennett’s recruitment services which helped him find drivers for his trucks; 2 of which have since bought their own trucks and now also lease with Bennett. Hayes states he can’t believe he didn’t become a fleet owner sooner and is excited about his “plans to get many more [trucks], especially with [his] experience at Bennett.” No matter what your ultimate goals are, Bennett can help you reach them.

3. Less Tasking, More Peace of Mind

We handle all the logistics of scheduling dates for driver physicals, monitoring drivers’ hours and routine truck maintenance scheduling. We help you grow your business by ensuring your fuel & miles taxes are done accurately and on time, and we eliminate the hassle of making collection calls to freight brokers or slow-paying customers. Bennett makes sure you get paid on time for every load you deliver. We help you run the ins and outs of your day-to-day business operations so you can focus on bigger and better things.

4. Innovative Technology

We offer solutions to help simplify your job. As a result of the new Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, Bennett has successfully helped drivers and owner-operators transition from manually logging their hours of service (HOS). The ELD now logs your hours automatically, alleviating auditing issues and helping you save time.

We’ve partnered with innovative companies like Trucker Path, an app created to help drivers find nearby truck stops, available parking areas, weigh stations, the best fuel prices and more, and is included on all of our drivers’ tablets. In-house technology such as the Bennett Mobile App and DriversIG website allows truckers to hold out for the highest paying loads and even pre-assign themselves to loads, while our FuelBook app directs drivers to fueling locations within Bennett’s fuel discount program, helping drivers save over 30 cents/gallon.

5. Grow Your Business & Save Money

Bennett has over 170 offices that help us load and move freight all throughout North America. Our broad network of available freight positions us to help you find better, higher paying loads. When work picks up, there’s no need to worry about a shortage of drivers. We help you find qualified drivers and we even pre-qualify them for you. These benefits keep you from having to hire additional staff members for book keeping, fuel & miles taxes, and other required tasks.

6. Maintain Your Company’s Legacy

Leasing with Bennett doesn’t mean losing the legacy of your business. Leasing with Bennett means joining a larger support system that allows your business to thrive. We don’t require you to change or replace the name of your company, nor will you have to lose the legacy you or your family have built over the years. You’ll still be allowed to keep all of your original stationary and bear your company’s name on your rigs.

7. We’re on Your Side

Bennett is committed to your fleet’s success, which is why we advocate for governmental policies and changes to help improve your business and your safety. We are vocally supportive of initiatives that directly impact you, such as the Georgia Department of Transportation’s Major Mobility Program which includes plans to create truck-only lanes on I-75 by the year 2030. This innovative implementation could help reduce delays and overall traffic congestion according to the American Transportation Research Institute’s 2017 Cost of Congestion Update, reducing yearly operational costs for drivers in the future. We’re always thinking of you and how we can better serve you, which means doing our part to empower you to be successful.

8. Family Oriented & Faith-Based

 At Bennett, you’re not just another employee. Here, you’re family. As a faith-based logistics and transport company that truly values family, we treat people with respect, kindness and compassion. We believe our success comes from God and we have been blessed to have great people come work for us who also believe in our commitment to spirituality and family culture. These core values are imperative to our success as a business and as individuals as well.

Take a moment to think about your day-to-day operations. How much of your time is actually spent running your business? How much time do you get to spend with your family? How much is it all really costing you? Whether you’re an owner-operator looking to grow your business or an experienced fleet owner in need of additional support, leasing with Bennett provides an opportunity for you to focus on the things that really matter. This year, consider making a positive, life-changing decision that can impact your personal and professional life for the better.

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