Driver Orientation

What You Need To Know Before You Start

Bennett Motor Express orientation classes are designed to help you be successful within our system. Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • Safety and logs department contacts
  • Safety and cargo securement
  • Operations contacts and procedures for billing, settlements, insurance, paperwork
  • Success factors for dispatch and agent relationships
  • Technology, loadboard and ELD training
  • Compliance and maintenance

Orientation is scheduled in one of our orientation centers for a full day on Tuesdays and Wednesday and a half day on Thursdays.  Upon completion of orientation you will be provided with your lease contract.

Orientation Checklist

To make your orientation and lease-on as easy as possible, please bring the following with you.

  • Your Tractor -  Which will be inspected and a Qualcomm or Rand McNally system Installed
  • Your Trailer – IF you are providing your own trailer, it will be inspected
  • Proof of Insurance if you are using your own coverage
  • Securement Equipment – All equipment must be present for inspection
  • Clear Copy of Your Tractor Title / Registration
  • Clear Copy of Your Trailer Title/Registration If Pulling Your Own Trailer
  • Clear Copy of your Paid Form 2290  ( Heavy Highway Use Tax )
  • Your Valid Commercial Drivers License
  • Medical Card & Long Form Physical
  • TWIC card and/or Passport if you have one
  • Bank/Checking Account Information – For your Direct Deposit
  • Emergency Contact Information – Names/Address/Phone Numbers

Download a printable version of our Driver Orientation Checklist.